Elizabeth Trembley

I’m an award-winning novelist, memoirist, storyteller, and comics maker.

I am also a teacher. I offer workshops in storytelling, comics, graphic memoir, online pedagogy, and innovation strategies.

Look Again, Trauma, Storytelling, Comics, and Hope, a speculative graphic memoir, is my most recent work.

You can contact me about any of my work at
beth at SequentialArtistsWorkshop dot org

Check out my most recent ideas on Instagram.

Whether you write prose, create comics, or want to explore digital storytelling… whether you favor fiction or nonfiction… whether you want to use paper or digital, I can help you think about new ways to engage your readers.

Are you an educator?  Do you want to help your students connect their lives and thoughts to the lessons in your curriculum?  Combining words and images through comics, sketchnoting, and storytelling helps all of us engage with life and learning on many levels.  Using both traditional and online tools, I can help you create new ways to help your students engage in meaningful ways.

If you or your team wants to do more with innovation, I can help!