Look Again, A Graphic Memoir

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Read an interview I did with Rob Kirby of Publisher’s Weekly.

Once, while walking my dogs in the woods, I found a dead body.  

Have you ever experienced a terror, grief, or confusion so great that when you try to share it you can only find shattered images floating in darkness?  You try over and over, but can’t tell the story, to yourself or to anyone else.  My speculative graphic memoir, Look Again explores the fragmented–and fragmenting–nature of trauma by tracing the confusing evolution of my narrative, a process often experienced by trauma sufferers and their loved ones.  

With vulnerability, humor, and a bickering Dragon, Hawk, and Pickle, this story shares my “crazy” initial reaction, my striving to tell about it in a coherent way, and my failure to reach understanding for more than two decades… until I shared the experience through comics.  Because the grammar of comics mimics the structure of traumatic memory with fragments and gaps, working in comics helped me–and can help anyone–create new understandings of the most complex experiences in our lives.  

You can watch a short live reading of an excerpt here (1:30-11:30).

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