My most recent diary comics and sketchbook work appear on my Instagram feed.

For Adults and Young Adults

A graphic memoir, Look Again.

A short memoir zine about what it was like to celebrate the blessing of our union, before same-sex marriage was legal.

What happens when Margo, Will, and Desi are suddenly transported out of their pandemic math class on zoom into the mysterious Zoomerland, where they encounter a giant robot, tree rhinos, and walking beds? A mini-comic for kids and adults alike, based on the Little Nemo in Slumberland, the classic early 20th century comic by Winsor McCay.

Eight animations for Embracing Evangelism, a partnership project of The Episcopal Church and Virginia Theological Seminary. The animations are embedded across all six video sessions of the program curriculum.

A zine written in 2017 (honest!) speculating on the possible benefits to global politics of a worldwide pandemic. We’d all come together, right? Right?

One painting per page of the “Daily Office” section of The Book of Common Prayer, with selected text. All 111 paintings from this project may be seen on my blog, starting here

A middle-grade mini-comic adventure.

A commemorative sketchbook zine for Holland Pride.

So You Want to Write a Great College Paper? , a mini-comic designed to help college undergraduates understand the keys to effective academic writing used through Hope College’s Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing.

Sketchnotes for portions of The Festival of Faith and Writing, Calvin College, April 2018.  Some of these were later used by the writing center at Calvin College for writing instruction.

Scribbling with Spirit, my blog and online sketchbook.  2014-2019, includes my online sketchbook, diary comics, and other interesting stuff I run across.